Brighton Marathon Training – Week 6

Weekly Stats
Running Distance – 21.1 miles
Running Time – 3h 10m
Cycling –  62.2 miles
Cycling Time – 5h 14m
Total Calories – 6401
Gym Visits – 2

6 weeks in and it means I am one third of the way through my 18 week training plan. Less than 3 months until d-day. This was the third week of the second training cycle so it meant that my training distance was slightly less than the previous couple. I had a day off cycling and my long run was only 9 miles in an attempt to rest my legs. Next week takes it up to the next level. My easy 3 milers become 4 milers and my 6 mile paced run becomes 7. This along with the continued increasing length of the long runs means that by this time next week I will have run 29 miles. That’s 8 more than this week. It’s going to be a test but I feel strong and ready for it. So let’s see what happens.

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 30:25
Pace – 9:58/mi

Run 18-1-16

A very cold and tired run on a Monday night on the way to the gym. The long run and hike on the weekend meant that my legs were feeling particularly heavy. A slow plod around the local area was all the was needed and that was all I could have done. Up hill to Tooting Bec Common and then downhill through the Tootings to the gym. Nothing special but the miles are in the bag.

Distance – 6 miles
Time – 45:46
Pace – 7:32/mi

Run 19-1-16

A disgustingly hilly 6 miles going through a newish area for me. My route took me through Streatham and over Tooting Bec Common to Balham before heading down the main road for a few miles and back home. Again I was feeling tired and my legs didn’t feel great but knowing this had to be done I ran straight out of door and left nothing behind. My pace was great, especially given the constant up and down nature of this route. Obviously we’re still in London here so it was hardly Mount Everest but even the slightest incline can feel a lot harder when running at lung bursting speed!

Distance – 2.9 miles
Time – 29:03
Pace – 9:42/mi

Run 20-1-16

A bit of a fail on the distance here. My watch said 3 miles as does Movescount but Strava says 2.9 and in the interest of keeping things consistent I will go with the Strava measurements. So I did 2.9 miles to my girlfriends fitness class and then I did the fitness class. It’s a full body workout and also get’s the heart pumping so naturally after only a couple of songs my legs were ruined. There’s lots of jumping but I just could not summon up any energy to get them to do what I wanted. A difficult class but good fun nevertheless and will help me in the long run.

Distance – 9 miles
Time – 1:25:36
Pace – 9:28/mi

After 60 hours off running, 1 day off cycling and 1 evening of boozing my watch was saying I only had 85 hours of recovery to go… Maybe it’s right or maybe it is just being a bit over cautious. Either way my legs still hurt from my girlfriend’s fitness class. My glutes are the worst. They don’t get much of a workout on my weekly runs so as soon as I do anything that focuses on them it means they take a long time to recover. Either way I was up and out in to the glorious sunshine. It was slightly warmer than it had been for the rest of the week and that combined with seeing some actual daylight meant it was very pleasant even if my body was feeling it.

I went back to my Wandle Traile route as I didn’t have much inspiration to look for anything better. It seems that the warmer weather has reawakened the flies who must think spring has arrived. I was choking and spluttering my way along a couple of sections by the river. It is quite stagnant in some areas and the flies love it. I spent a lot of time trying to hold my breath so I wouldn’t ingest too many. I’m sure you can imagine how unpleasant it is to try and not breathe whilst running. It just doesn’t make sense. Aside from that the run was delightful and I took my time and got the miles in. Upon returning my shoulders, underneath my shirt, were absolutely covered in flies. Delicious.

Another solid week. Whilst it should have been slightly easier I feel as if my legs haven’t felt this tired in a long time. I don’t think boozing on Thursday helped too much with recovery but what can you do. I feel ready to take things up a level in terms of mileage but I am a bit scared of running for 7 miles at pace. I think I’ll have to drop the pace a little bit… Yeah right.


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