Brighton Marathon Training – Week 8

Weekly Stats
Running Distance – 31 miles
Running Time – 4h 37m
Cycling –  77.3 miles
Cycling Time – 6h 24m
Total Calories – 8760
Gym Visits – 1

A full week of running and cycling with a surprise 16 miler on the weekend meant for a very relaxing Sunday. I spent the whole day on the sofa with the exception of 2 trips to the local shop where I bought and consumed and unearthly amount of food. Unhealthy food too. This was all done with a slight hangover after my sisters birthday. Yes, the perfect cocktail of exercising and socialising.

Distance – 4 miles
Time – 37:36
Pace – 9:21/mi

Run 2-2-16

I somehow managed to find a new route, despite having run around these parts god knows how many times. I went on a familiar plod around Figges Marsh before heading off the beaten track along some back roads towards the tram lines of Mitcham. From here I ran along Edgehill Road which thankfully didn’t live up to it’s name too much. A little, but nothing to write home about. It was then back towards Tooting against the train leaving crowds and back home. A pretty standard, nothing special, leg loosening jog around the block.

Distance – 7 miles
Time – 53:57
Pace – 7:37/mi

Run 3-2-16

The midweek pace run comes around quickly. I was feeling entirely uninspired and for some reason I thought that staying close to home on roads I knew would make the run easier and less intimidating. This method doesn’t work. Instead being so close to home I kept wanting to just give up. I also got bored of this so ended up running off in to the distance after a couple of miles. I think next time, no matter how I feel, I will always go for an adventure. I will always run a big loop no matter what. Up and down the local streets, whilst different, was not what I wanted or expected. Even so, the time was great and I felt really good for it.

Distance – 4 miles
Time – 37:40
Pace – 9:18/mi

Run 5-2-16

What’s this!? A Friday evening run!? Something must have happened! A couple of beers after work on Thursday meant that I was back at 9pm and I really didn’t fancy running! The bike home was hard enough… Instead I pushed it to Friday. Nothing particularly wrong with this idea except that I had a long run planned Saturday morning. I took it easy and got my 4 miles in. I was feeling a bit funny. I felt some funny movements and sounds coming from my J pouch. I guess I ate something which didn’t agree with my lack of colon.

Distance – 15.9 miles
Time – 2:28:45
Pace – 9:21/mi

Run 6-2-16

So I woke up feeling even more funny. It felt like everything was beginning to catch up with me. The previous night’s run probably wasn’t the best idea as it meant I was doing 19 miles in less than 20 hours. But it had to be done right? As did the long run. The most important run of the week and I was already tired and dehydrated. I was hoping that I would get in to it, the run would take over and I would feel good. This did not happen and a couple of miles in I knew this wasn’t going to be a pleasant morning.

I started by running up to Wimbledon Common. And when I say ‘up’ I mean ‘UP’. Once this was over it was over the common and then back down a long muddy track and out the other side woods. Once in to Richmond Park it was hill after hill after hill. The route was a lot more hilly than I thought and there seemed to be wind blowing in my face no matter which direction I ran in. 6 miles later and I was back out of Richmond Park running up an eternal hill to and through Roehampton. Then it was back down via Putney and back towards Wimbledon before I took a ‘shortcut’ which ended up making my 15 miler a 16 miler (and with another hill).

My legs were burning, my head was dizzy and I felt sick and very tired. It was the polar opposite of last week’s long run and it’s made me realise that I probably need to take some fuel and liquid with me next time. I donned my compression socks and went to LIDL before heading to the pub for my sister’s birthday. It was a busy day and I crashed big time on Sunday.

This week was meant to have a shorter weekend run of only 13 miles but as I am away hiking for 5 days the week after I have to make the most of the days I have, which, I believe means that I have a 17 miler this weekend. That came out of nowhere and seeing as it will be only week 9 it seems quite far, quite soon. However, I’m hoping with a Friday rest and some fuel and water I will make it round without feeling quite as awful as I did this week. We’ll see I guess!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    Nice week! And I’ve totally tried that “I’ll just run close to home” method too you mentioned you did during your pace run. I thought about it the same way, and car to the same conclusion- That method never helps! 🙂

    1. David Faust says:

      Yeah I’ve seen people don’t so thought I’d give it a try but it just feels like you are going nowhere. I’d rather do an out and back than do that again. Hell, I’d rather do it on a treadmill… Just kidding.

      1. Stephanie Smith says:

        Ha! I’m contemplating the treadmill for tomorrow…but it will only be 3 miles. Totally doable! Uh, I hope. I loathe the treadmill. The weather is just probably going to be too bad though- slick.

      2. David Faust says:

        Yeah, sometimes it just has to be done. 3 miles on the treadmill is ok. Podcast in and get the miles done.

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