Beaconsfield Circular

Hot off the heels of last weekend’s southern coast hike and I’m already planning another for this weekend. So far there is just myself and a friend and we plan to do a Beaconsfield loop on Sunday. We’ll probably start at about 10am due to the lack of sunlight these days. Let’s hope for some good weather. The planned route is:

Beaconsfield Circular

I found it in the 52 Country Walks Near London book which I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. As it’s only been used once it’s high time it got used again. January weekends get a bit busy over the next few weeks so I have to get it in this weekend.

The route starts in Beaconsfield before heading north through a few sections of woodland before heading east to cross the A355. The route then goes through more forests, whilst heading over rolling hills. After this section it is down towards the delightful town of Chalfont St Giles for some much needed lunch. There are numerous pubs in the area, all of which are handily marked on the route plan in the book.

The afternoon starts by following the River Misbourne in a southerly direction for a few miles until we reach Chalfont St Peter. the route skirts around the north side of the town and then it is across rolling fields and English countryside through the small villages of Jordan and Seer Green. The path heads across the train tracks before gently ambling back to Beaconsfield where we started.

It looks like a very pleasant day’s walking, about 12 miles in total. Nothing too strenuous and plenty of Buckinghamshire woods and rolling hills to keep you entertained. Along the way there a few points of interest such as the cottage of the poet John Milton and also the mysterious hamlet of Jordan and it’s Quaker links.

If you are interested in joining us on the hike then please do get in touch either on here, facebook or twitter.

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  1. John says:

    Keep going David! I, myself, am also preparing for a two week hike this summer in the desert of Arizona. I’m super nervous. I’ve done weekend hikes, but nothing so ambitious as 2 weeks. Good Luck to you… be sure to take and share lots of pictures!!

    1. David Faust says:

      Good work John! Two weeks will be great fun. You can get properly stuck in. The longest I’ve done is 5 days trekking in Poland or 6 days in Scotland. I’d love to just take 3 months off work and go for it!

  2. MJF Images says:

    I’d love to walk through the English countryside one day.

    1. David Faust says:

      You can and you will! There are so many great places to go. Mountains or more gentle options. And we have the delights of Scotland and Wales so close too. To be honest I’d quite like to hike in the US. Can we swap?

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