Brighton Marathon Training – Week 3

Weekly Stats
Running Distance – 18.1 miles
Running Time – 2h 39m
Cycling –  16.6 miles
Cycling Time – 1h 26m
Total Calories – 3802
Gym Visits – o

Happy New Year people. I hope 2015 was good to you and that 2016 is even better!

Moving swiftly on…

The Hal Higdon marathon plan works on the basis that you do 2 weeks of long distance runs on the weekend and then drop it by a few miles on the third to give the legs a break. The mileage then builds up but the pattern of 2:1 continues throughout. This week meant that it was time to drop my mileage. Especially after the grueling festive routine I put myself through… Not one to deviate from a plan I carried on with the scheduled runs regardless. Here’s how they went.

Distance – 4 miles
Time – 36:37
Pace – 8:56/mi

Run 29-12-15

The joys of having a day off meant that I was in a position to go for a lunchtime run on a Tuesday. The weather was good, I hadn’t been drinking at all much the night before and felt relatively fresh considering the festive season (I must have mentioned the festivities in every marathon post so far, when will they end!?). Half way round I realised that this might be the week that I increase my easy runs from 3 to 4 miles so I added an extra mile. Once I got home I realised I don’t need to increase this run until week 7. What a waste of 9 minutes…

Distance – 5 miles
Time – 38:43
Pace – 7:44/mi

Run 30-12-15

After yesterday’s fairly pleasant day time run I was now faced with a post work evening run in the dark. With Storm Frank. Damn you Frank. It was wet, windy and cold. Not pleasant at all. I reluctantly donned my wet weather gear and sped off around a 5 mile route I had only done once before. Whilst it was nice to run a varied route route it was a horrible run. Really bloody fast but only because the weather was so bad and I wanted to get home. I got back completely soaked and feel lucky that I haven’t come down with a cold. Well done immune system.

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 27:33
Pace – 9:05/mi

Run 31-12-16

My first pre work run in a long while and it was entirely uneventful. Realising that New Year’s Eve was fast approaching and given the potential missed days as a result of the festivities (dammit!) I had no other option but to haul myself out of bed at 6:30am to get the miles in. My legs were heavy from my fast 5 miler 12 hours earlier and so I took it easy both in terms of pace and choice of route. I just ran for 1.5 miles down a straight road and then ran back. I was not feeling particularly inspired.

Distance – 6 miles
Time – 56:49
Pace – 9:24/mi

Run 3-1-16

Another wet morning. You’d think it was early January judging by the weather! Not one to be put off by the heavens opening I once again donned my jacket and set off on my usual route through Morden Hall Park. The majority of the run involved avoiding puddles. It was like a never ending triple jump. Relentlessly leaping about like a hysterical goat I can only imagine how I looked to the odd passer by. In retrospect it was actually probably a good muscle boosting workout. Plus I got to jump in muddy puddles every so often. Something which as I child we are allowed to do but as an adult it’s just not on… Unless you are a runner! The run itself was at a leisurely pace. I just wasn’t quite ready for it after the previous day’s 13 mile hike on the south coast (blog post to follow).

So another 18 miles closer to the marathon. I’m pretty pleased with the first 3 weeks, given the festivities (seriously!?) but now it is time to knuckle down and get through the cold, depressing, broke January by running and cycling. The mileage begins to increase and I should be running over half marathon distance by the final weekend. Add that to the cycling and the planned increase in gym visits and I should be in a pretty eggs on toast!

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