Brighton Marathon Training – Week 2

Weekly Stats
Running Distance – 17.1 miles
Running Time – 2h 28m
Cycling – 46.5 miles
Cycling Time – 3h 35m
Total Calories – 5287
Gym Visits – o

Happy holidays! I hope you enjoyed your time over the Christmas period, whatever you do or believe! I spent 5 days away from home getting served food and alcohol until I could move no more. It was quite the culture shock getting back home and realising I had to cook and wash and stuff. What a pain.

Not quite as successful on the exercise front as it should have been. But seeing as it was Christmas I’m going to let it slide. If anyone manages to keep up a fitness regime over Christmas then they clearly have no soul. I did 3 out of the 4 runs and the one I missed was a 3 mile easy paced jog which let’s be honest will probably not make much of a difference to whether I finish the marathon or not. And if it does then c’est la bloody vie.

I’m not calorie counting as I’m not interested and it’s completely unnecessary as an endurance athlete (haha, I’m not an endurance athlete – just not sure what else to call it). I just put it up in the stats out of interest and to see if I can beat previous week’s. Obviously with the reduced mileage it is lower but to put it in perspective I reckon I got through about that many calories of food and booze on Christmas day alone!

It’s definitely back on the horse time. Until the 31st that is! Although that should be relatively more relaxed in comparison to the week long Christmas festivities!

This morning on my first run of week 3 I didn’t know whether I should be running 3 or 4 miles so ended up doing the latter so I’m already up on where I should be this week and clawing back some of last week’s mileage.

Here’s how last week breaks down:

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 26:04
Pace – 8:35/mi

So apparently my easy run pace is a lot faster than a) it used to be and b) I thought it was. With my improved breathing technique changed to every 3 steps rather than every 2 I now seem to have infinitely more lung capacity. I’m also trying to breathe properly. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Something which I have often struggled with, especially when it’s cold! The run itself was my usual run round the block. Nothing special but a positive start to the week.

Distance – 5 miles
Time – 40:43
Pace – 8:03/mi

My threshold 5 mile run should be my marathon pace run but I’m still not sure what’s going on there so wishing to get a hard workout in I set off fast and tried to keep it up. I dipped in mile 4 from my sub 8 minute pace but managed to get back on track after that. Fed up with the usual streets I went a different direction on streets I don’t know. It’s funny how a slight change of direction or area can immediately boost the enjoyment factor.

Distance – 9 miles
Time – 1:21:38
Pace – 9:02/mi

I took advantage of being in Maidenhead and busted out a 9 miler along the banks of the Thames on Christmas Eve. The weather was a bit funny. I didn’t really know what was going to happen so wore my waterproof jacket for the first time in ages. Normally it would be way too hot for me to run in that. And it was for the first couple of miles. Then the wind picked up and the rain came down and boy was I glad to have it. It was pretty horrible conditions to be honest but it felt wild and luckily didn’t make my cold any worse. Something I feared, especially given all the immune suppressing drinking that was going on!

The route itself starts at my parents house in the riverside area of Maidenhead. It joins the towpath about 1.5 miles in and then it was a pleasant (if a little muddy) track alongside the River Thames. It’s such a lovely area, plenty of places to walk with the countryside on your doorstep. The only issue is that it lacks mountains. Seems to be the way with a lot of places!

The tow path heads up through Bray lock and then underneath the M4. The options to return were plentiful but I turned left about a mile after the motorway in the hope that I had taken the correct path to get my to the Jubilee River and my return route. After a couple of hesitant directional choices the new river came in to view and from there I headed back north west towards home. It was lashing it down by the end and I was fairly wet and cold but it’s a great route. Good for a walk too, if a little short!

All in all a good week’s worth of exercise given the Christmassy circumstances. I didn’t exercise for the last 5 days but did get a run in today and I will be blasting through the rest this week in an attempt to get the miles in before New Years Eve rolls around. If I don’t speak to you before then enjoy any reaming time off work and get running!



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