Brighton Marathon Training – Week 1

Weekly Stats
Running Distance – 19.1 miles
Running Time – 2h 49m
Cycling – 62.1 miles
Cycling Time – 4h 57m
Total Calories – 6482
Gym Visits – 1

Quite unbelievably it’s marathon training time again. April 17th seems such a long way but apparently its time to start the 18 week training plan. If I’ve got my maths wrong, please let me know!

After just about completing my inaugural marathon in Liverpool in June it only seems right to give it another shot. I want to be a consistent marathoner. I don’t want to just do one. It’s a weird ego thing. I’m mainly interested in not failing in the last third. In June, the last 6-8 miles were particularly devastating and I spent a lot of the time walking and hating myself. Not this time!

I plan to do a weekly post on Sunday’s in the hope that the routine of running can influence the routine of blogging and visa versa. Last year’s training was quite intermittent and I didn’t stick to the plan so I need to make sure I’m more focused this time.

The first week can normally seem quite daunting but as you can see the weekly mileage was very low. Especially seeing as some time in March I will be doing that amount in one training run… The difficulty/challenge/benefit of this year’s training will be the cycling. My plan is to cycle to work and back daily to avoid the price and hideousness of using London’s public transport network. Will this be possible with the running and workouts at the gym? Only time will tell, anything’s possible…

The training plan consists of 3 runs during the week and 1 on the weekend. Weekday 1 is an easy run, weekday 2 is a longer marathon pace run and weekday 3 is another easy run. The weekend run is the long one and arguable the most important. As with any marathon training plan the weekly mileage starts low and steadily increases until reaching it’s max for a few weeks before tapering towards race day.

After about a month off from running, increasing my cycling mileage and giving my legs a rest from the pavement pounding it was time to get back on that horse. Well, my legs.

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 28:31
Pace – 9:25/mi

Monday would normally be a rest day but due to the Christmas festivities it has become a training day. I know, what a stupid time to start marathon training. A leisurely paced romp around the block in the dark. Not at all fun really but at least it was at a relaxed pace!

Distance – 5 miles
Time – 38:59
Pace – 7:45/mi

Weekday run 2 should be longer and at marathon pace. Not knowing my marathon pace I ended up running at an average of 7:45/mi. This is not my marathon pace. I was thinking about trying to bust out a 4 hour marathon which means running 9:09/mi. If I did a marathon at 7:45/mi I would knock off over an hour from my previous time. Which whilst entirely welcome, is highly unrealistic. However, I really enjoy the hard and fast runs so surely there’s nothing wrong with training too quickly on these runs right? As long as my weekend run is at a steadier pace right?

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 28:53
Pace – 9:34/mi

Weekday run 3 is the same as weekday run 1. A relaxed pace jog just to get the legs moving and boost the weekly mileage. I was going to the gym after so of course I misjudged my distances and ended up running around the back streets of Tooting in attempt to get the miles in!

Distance – 8 miles
Time – 1:13:33
Pace – 9:04/mi

This morning’s run was one of immense joy. These are the types of days that make me love running. Mile bagging during the week after work, on the dark streets of London whilst enjoyable can at times be fairly uninteresting. On the weekend I have a lot more time and more distance to cover so I can go somewhere much more pleasant.

This meant a welcome return to the Wandle Trail. I absolutely love it down there. It’s so quiet. With the exception of getting mauled and covered in licks by 3 very excited dogs I barely see anyone. The route is mainly off road on trails or paths which go through parks and alongside the River Wandle. It is muddy and so beautiful even during the stark winter months. One day I would love to organise a Wandle Trail Ultramarathon. It’s 14 miles in length so a quick up and down should get the distance in right?

All in all a good first week of training and I still managed to get 4 days of cycle commuting in. One day was the work Christmas party so I definitely needed a day off for that! Bring on week 2. In which I will attempt to continue my training through Christmas… There’ll be a couple more posts before then but if I don’t see you, have a great time. Enjoy the festivities and all it brings. More marathon updates on the 27th!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. shazruns says:

    Great first week. No dogs on my run this morning, more surprisingly I saw 5 other runners, maybe everyone is marathon training. Good luck with the next week, is going to be tough I think fitting it all in.

    1. David Faust says:

      Actually now you mention it. I did see a group of 6 very athletic looking runners going through the park. Not something I’ve seen there before. Maybe everyone is training for April! Next week will be tough. But I’m all up for a Christmas morning jog!

      1. shazruns says:

        I would fancy a 25th run also but the family would so object!

      2. David Faust says:

        Before they wake up? 😉 Haha, as if!

      3. shazruns says:

        Great idea, but hubby might notice me getting up! I shall try for 26th.

  2. Nice week! I was also thinking about doing the commute thing to try to reduce the cost of public transport. I did my first attempt in October but the weather was so bad it changed my plans. I’m gonna try again in Spring. Otherwise I may spend even more money :)). My commute would be 11km but I prefer running, not cycling.

    1. David Faust says:

      Yeah it was pretty good. This week has been a bit more tricky! The run/cycle commute is a great way to do it. Saves money, the environment and adds to the training. I used to run commute a few times a week. It’s about 14km so I prefer to bike that distance. The weather is definitely the biggest putting off factor!

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