Why go to the Peak District?

I can think of many great reasons to choose to take a trip to the Peak District. For example:

Chris Hepburn Photography

But that’s too easy. I could do that with any part of the British countryside and it would have a similar effect. See:


Anyway, here is the definitive list of why you should choose the Peak District for your next adventure.


This has got to be the number one reason why people choose the Peak District. It’s right smack bang in the middle of the country, within easy driving reach of Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke, Derby, Nottingham and Leeds. A few miles further afield are the likes of Birmingham and Liverpool. All of which are good transport hubs to plan your route in to the National Park. It’s currently 3 hours 9 minutes from my office in West London. Whilst I don’t believe it will be quite as quick as that come Friday afternoon it’s certainly far more accessable than the likes of Snowdonia and the Lake District. Google says you can fly there in 1 hour too. Gotta keep your options open!


The peak district has it all. Rolling hills, rocky crags, cosy valleys and steep walled gorges. It’s got a plethora of options for hiking, cycling and climbing over a varied terrain. It’s the perfect place for a winter trip when the weather can have a dramatic impact on the days events. At an altitude of no more than 636m it’ll mean you won’t suffer quite the same intense weather as in some of the higher parts of the UK. Now I’m not saying the weather will be nice at all (this is England remember!?) but should it be windy and snowy then there are plenty of low level options which give you the same beauty, excitement and joy as with some of the high level hikes.

Peace and Quiet

Being 4th on the list behind Snowdonia, the Lake District and The Highlands the Peak District is basically deserted! Now I’m sure on a sunny bank holiday in August it will attract just as many people as the big 3 do but on the off season it really is OFF season. There are so many different routes and places to go that you can easily find somewhere to get away from it all and at times can be literally miles from any other living soul.


It’s 1/3 smaller than Snowdonia and has just as many places to stay. There are numerous youth hostels if that’s your scene or if you want something fancy then there is the odd Spa Resort if you need somewhere to kick back after the day’s exertions. Of course there is everything in between too, in the towns and villages nestled among the hills.

Stately Homes

If you like massive old houses with stunning gardens then the Peak District is most certainly the place for you. There are a host of different stately homes ranging from a variety of different ages. Some highlights include the awe-inspiring Chatsworth House and the ancient Bolsworth Castle. These are also great options should your shoes get too wet on day 1!


The peak district easily has the best looking scenery in the UK. Wales may be rugged, Scotland may be giant and the Lake district may be Lakey but the Peak District is bloody beautiful. From Dovedale to Mam Tor to Stanage Edge. All different in their appearance but all truly unique and absolutely stunning.

Things to do

Walking, cycling, climbing, caving, horseriding, flying, watersports, swimming, golfing, fishing… Need I go on? Of course you could just book in a guided walking holiday with me.

As you can see, it’s the perfect place to spend some time and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Easily accessible, stunning and with an endless supply of things to do and see. Both natural and man made. So find some time and book yourself a place to stay. Alternatively, message me on here or on my facebook page and I’d be happy to take you on some guided hikes.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe Newbold says:

    Currently very home sick after reading this, fond memories of growing up with the Peak District as my back garden, thank you and enjoy

    1. David Faust says:

      Thanks for the comment. Where are you based these days?

      1. Joe Newbold says:

        I can’t complain too much I live in Perthshire and work in Aviemore, my heart will always be in the Peak District though

      2. David Faust says:

        Oh you definately can’t complain! I’ve been meaning to go to cairngorms. It’s just such a long drive. I’m heading to Scotland this summer for a week so hopefully I’ll get my chance!

      3. Joe Newbold says:

        It’s amazing you really need to do it, you could fly, it’s a whole different level

      4. David Faust says:

        That’s true. Thing is we like to camp so need a car full of crap! Flying is definitely a better option though.

      5. Joe Newbold says:

        It easier once here though if you’ve got the car

      6. David Faust says:

        Exactly. I have a map of the cairngorms and it looks pretty remote!

      7. Joe Newbold says:

        It really is, Did you see my post from earlier in the year, some pics to wet your appetite, https://joenewbold.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/5×50-challenge-picture-update/

      8. David Faust says:

        Some beautiful photos there. Definitely a great place to live! I’m central London so we don’t have many mountains, or trees, or grass 😦

      9. Joe Newbold says:

        Yeah I’m very lucky. All the more fun when you get to them then

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