South Downs – 2 Day Trip

Evening folks. What a great trip. 2 beautiful days on the south downs soaking up the sun (and rain) drinking some beer and seeing a multitude of farmyard animals. 60 kilometres of ups and downs and hour upon hour of soulful ambling along the south downs way. I have so many photos and have managed to whittle them down but there is still quite a few. So please excuse me if it is a bit over kill.

Any way day 1 started at 6:45am when I was up and out and on to a few trains to get me to Amberley station at about 10am. Amberley is smack bang in the middle of the south downs and turned out to be a very conveniently placed train station as it is 100m from the south downs way. Once on the path the up and down journey began. Day 1 ended up being 17 miles in total. I think it was about 600m of ascent so a very pleasant walk indeed.

First off I was playing with my camera a bit and managed to snap a lovely photo of a poppy.2015-08-03 10.36.49

As you can see whilst not the advertised “sunny” by the BBC it was pleasant enough if a tad windy…2015-08-03 11.29.03

So nice it was that I took a cheeky selfie to send to the girlfriend who was back at home working.2015-08-03 12.00.09

At about half 12 I ended up with a choice. That choice was to carry on along the south downs way or take a detour through the village of Washington. I fancied a change so wandered off route and past a church.2015-08-03 12.18.29

And then sampled the local ale… From Cornwall… Whatever, it tastes nice!2015-08-03 12.35.13

Just as I was drinking this beer the rain started. There was two options. One to stay in the pub. One to head out in to the approaching rainstorm. For some reason I chose the latter. Foolishly maybe but considering how long the rain lasted I don’t think I would have left the pub. This photo my sum up how things had changed.2015-08-03 13.43.35

Eventually the rain stopped and I saw a pig.2015-08-03 14.58.24

I arrived at my hostel feeling pretty damp and sweaty. But there was no rest for me. After a chat with one of the youth hostel staff I decided that I would head along the south downs way for about 2-3 miles to go to the “local” pub for dinner. And boy was I glad. I sampled some actual local ale here and had a due of pork. Bloody lovely.2015-08-03 19.09.02

My walk home was lovely. I was a little bit tipsy and it was getting dark but the wind had dropped completely and the weather was the best it had been all day. This was the first part of the journey back. Up a very steep slope.2015-08-03 20.48.07

The sun was going down and it looked so beautiful. Although my camera doesn’t quite capture the moment.2015-08-03 20.51.39

I had to pass a large group of cows. I don’t trust cows. If they all turned against me I’d be dead. Especially given the amount of beef I eat. I am basically there complete enemy. I was fearful but the dutch courage got me through.2015-08-03 20.56.17

Finally, I saw a tree which was perfectly silouetted against the now nearly dark sky.2015-08-03 21.11.08

After that there was just time for another beer at the hostel and a chat with the girlfriend before I headed to the dorm room to sleep. Unfortunately it was snore city and I spent 2 hours trying to sleep with the loudest noises coming from the bunk above me. Eventually after a pee break I slept seamlessly until gone half 7.

The weather on day 2 was the weather that should have been on day 1. Someone got that wrong somewhere. What it meant is that I woke up to a wonderful sunny day and after breakfast I was out on the trail by just after 9am where I snapped a picture of the hostel on Truleigh Hill.2015-08-04 09.10.38

It was such a wonderful morning. The view of the sea in the far distance over the rolling plains of the south downs.2015-08-04 09.12.47

Of course there were more cows. Look at them. So many. So large. So evil.2015-08-04 09.34.14

Once I’d navigated the cow gauntlet things started getting tough. My knee was a bit painful and the path was starting to feel pretty hard under my feet. The up hill sections were fine. It was just the descents that gave my leg a funny feeling. 2015-08-04 10.39.10

I saw many sheep in the 48 hours I spent on the south downs but none were more perfect than this one.2015-08-04 10.48.20

There was even a field of poppies which got me all patriotic for a while.2015-08-04 10.51.29

Look at the weather though. Absolutely smashing with no rain at all. My final photo for the weekend was of… You guess it… A cow.2015-08-04 14.58.42

This one was definitely preparing to attack.

Day 2 ended up being 22 miles which was a lot further than I thought. I had chosen to go a bit further than my original route and ended up going to Southease station to get back to London. The last 10km had to be done pretty quickly to get there for the train I wanted and I even had to do a bit of running at times. But that’s just part of the fun. Even if my knee and legs aren’t thanking me today. All in all a wonderful trip and so easy and cheap to do. Anyone who lives within a 100 mile distance can and should easily do this whenever they have a spare couple of days.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum!! says:

    You must have inherited my caution of cows…I always mentally plan an escape route, just in case! Loved all the photos. Walking back from the pub you say “I saw a tree …” Looks like two to me or were you seeing double?!!

    1. David Faust says:

      That explains it! And yes, potentially my vision was slightly hampered! It definitely seemed like one tree…

  2. Gorgeous!! Looks like you had great weather, too!

  3. aliceruns says:

    Nice trip and great photos! I take it your knee is better now?

    1. David Faust says:

      Erm… Not really. I thought it was but on the second day I could feel it hurting. It still doesn’t feel amazing now. Looks like I got back into everything too quickly. Definitely will be taking it easy now!

      1. aliceruns says:

        Awww I am sorry to hear that… hopefully it won’t be too long, and hope the rowing is at least partly able to substitute the running. Hugs.

      2. David Faust says:

        Thanks! I really hope it sorts itself soon. Its quite annoying!

  4. evozeta says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos!! Tasty looking food!! Fantastic weather on day 2 – what a trip!!

    1. David Faust says:

      An all round beauty!

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