Janathon – day 28

Exercise – leg session
Distance – n/a
Time – no idea

28 days! 4 weeks of exercise. Ridiculous. Look what happened in 28 days later. That could have happened. But instead it hasn’t. All that has happened is that I have built muscle and expanded my lungs. A much better option than a zombie apocalypse. Although perhaps slightly less interesting to watch for an hour and a half.

Enough waffle. Tonight, after having been kept awake by our thin walls and loud neighbours, I decided not to run. My body was knackered and I have a 7.5 miler planned for tomorrow. Today was rest day so I smashed my leg muscles to bits instead. I did the same workout as last week with a few more reps or a few more seconds. I have listed it below, its really quite brutal. Especially if one were to add weights or increase reps or sets:

3 x 12 reps of squats
3 x 12 reps of crunches (with the bosu)
35 plank on front and both sides
3 x 12 reps of one legged squats (after last week’s inability to do pistol squats)
3 x 12 reps of lunges on each leg
3 x 15 reps of heel raise
3 x 12 reps of single Leg deadlift

After that I lay down for a while and then did some stretching. Proper lengthy stretching. I would normally rush it because it bores me but as I was at home I had time to kill. A little bit of Eminem helped too.

I have recieved my zma. I am so anti supplements and anti sleep medication that I fear I may be going down a dangerous path. The thing is I also want to make sure I am getting the right vitamins and minerals that my body needs. Its difficult.

I have been nominated for a liebster award. Thanks very much gin is my comfort food! I will get round to it I promise. Maybe sometime tomorrow. I have to go now. Its time for grand designs…


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