Hi guys,

Less than a week later and I have made my decision. I have decided to rename this site Run With Faust. Now that I am healthy and on the recovery path I would like to move on to new things and to forget about Ulcerative Colitis. I thought about starting a new blog but I want to keep the followers and friends I have on here. My reborn blog will be a place to talk about health, fitness, running, cycling and mountaineering. I’m sure there will be times where I talk about UC related things but I don’t want to dwell if things continue to be positive. I would love it if you would continue to join me on my new adventures.

A couple of admin announcements first. I have added a mountaineering page where you can read about past adventures whilst also looking at what I have planned for the future. I imagine I will do a full post on here and a brief description on the mountaineering page with some sort of link to the main article. I haven’t really thought about it. However, as I type this post I have added nothing to this section. Need to look back at my mountaineering log book for that.

I have also added a race events page which contains all past and future race events. I say past, what I mean is the one and only other race I have done. Two and a half years ago. As you can probably tell I am new to this whole fitness thing. Whilst I have been active in my past I have been unable (pretty lazy) since I got ill. Now that it is all over I want to focus on my health. Specifically running, cycling and mountaineering with a little bit of badminton thrown in for good measure.

I have two half marathons booked for February and March. Having never ran further than six miles in one sitting it will be quite a test to see if I can not only get round the course but to also do it in a reasonable time. I know very little about good times for half marathons but seeing as my current tempo pace is just under 9 minutes per mile I would hope to get that down enough to do a sub 1 hour 50 minute half. As it is early days I have no idea if that is realistic, achievable, possible, good or bad. I am hoping that as my running increases my knowledge will follow suit.


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