Just Another Manic Thursday

Today was the first Thursday since starting methotrexate that I haven’t felt like my brain was on the receiving end of a Narwhal piledrive. There was the usual difficulties with getting out of bed; It took me about 5 snoozes to pluck up the courage to wobble to the bathroom. Sometimes I cannot tell if it is the methotrexate, working late, all the exercise, the UC or just my lazy ass!

The cycle in was slow. It felt as if my bike’s tyres where flatter, the pedals stiffer and the hills higher… They weren’t. I guess Thursday morning’s are a struggle for everybody. Think about how much week has happened. And there is still 2 days of it to go before the weekend break.

Last week it was at about 3pm that the nausea kicked up a level. I remember being in meetings and thinking I was going to pass out or throw up. This time that lull never came. I spent the day trying not to get heavily involved with anything for fear that I wouldn’t be able to see it through to the best of my ability. However, nothing happened.

I am extremely positive about how great I have felt today. Perhaps my body is finally getting used to the methotrexate. I was on azathioprine¬†for 4 months last year and had to stop as it was making me feel terrible so I am keen to keep this up. It seems to have some good clinical trial results and it looks like it might help to sustain remission whilst also avoiding the Remicade every couple of months. I hope that I fully get used to the effects of methotrexate as I am interested to see if it can stave off another flare up. I have been mulling over the idea of surgery and if I was going into hospital every year/half year like it has been recently then it is something I am willing (and may have) to consider. However, if I can be symptom free for the new few years then… well, who knows.

Nearly time to leave. Next up, Yoga. Peace.


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